Music & Sound Design Demo Reels

Music & sound design from various films and podcasts. Scroll down for more music samples.

Music from The Program Audio Series, a fictional podcast.

Space Cruise(Futuristic montage, 1:20)

Space Walk(slow version, 1:20)

Bullets (Suspense/action, 2:13)

Showdown (Sustained tension, 0:36)

Daydream (Dreamy piano, 0:36)

Broken (Melancholic, orchestral, 1:20)

Rio Grande (Moody western, 0:45)

Reunion (Upbeat emotional orchestral, 0:36)

Solemn (Formal/militaristic orchestral, 1:20)

This is not funny (Comedic/light/misc, 1:00)

Rabid (Suspense/horror, 2:21)

Breakdown (Synth-based psychological thriller/horror, 2:05)

Smoke & Mirrors (Poignant montage, 1:52)