Concert Music

Most of my scores are available for purchase, loan or viewing, through the Canadian Music Centre.  If there’s something they don’t have, please use the contact link at the top to inquire.

Legend of Darkness

Based loosely on Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, Legend of Darkness is an hour-long dance/multimedia piece for which I wrote and conducted the score, consisting of solo violin and cello and student string orchestra.

Performed by Karen Naifeh-Harmon, violin, Erica Parker, cello, with memebers of the Tulsa Honors Orchestra


View score: Scene 3 – Marlow (opens in a new window)

Death of Kurtz:

View score: Scene 10 – Death of Kurtz (opens in a new window)


View score: Scene 11 – Epilogue (opens in a new window)

Interflow, for chamber ensemble with electronics

(flute, clarinet, piano, violin, viola, cello)

Performed by Ensemble Erreur de Type 27

View score: Interflow (opens in new window)

Wandering the Threshold of Delirium, for solo violin with electronics

Performed by Parmela Attariwala

View score: Wandering the Threshold of Delirium (opens in new window)

Night Chill, for marimba and electronics

Performed by Catherine Meunier (studio recording)

From Catherine’s CD Night Chill.

View score: Night Chill (opens in new window)

Streamlined, for orchestra and electronics

Performed by the Esprit Orchestra, Alex Pauk

View score: Streamlined (opens in a new window)

Lush, for chamber ensemble

(flute, clarinet, bass, marimba, unspecified metal percussion)

Performed by the Ensemble Mont Royal

View score: lush (opens in new window)

Elementalities, for flute, vibraphone and tabla

Performed by Shawn Mativetsky, Marie-Helene Breault, Catherine Meunier

From Shawn’s CD Cycles.

View score: Elementalities (opens in new window)

Mov. 1:

Trade Winds, for tabla and strings

Performed by Shawn Mativetsky with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Brian Current

From Shawn’s CD Cycles.

View score: Trade Winds (opens in new window)

Youtube videos with scores:

Interflow, performed by Ensemble Erreur de Type 27

Trade Winds, performed by Shawn Mativetskey and the Windsor Symphony Orchestra:

Lush, performed by the Quintette Mont-Royal:

Night Chill, performed by Catherine Meunier:

Wandering the Threshold of Delirium, performed by Parmela Attariwala: